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Play N Wrap

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Play N Wrap is a 2-in-1 product as it’s a storage bag and also a play mat; perfect for all those little toys your children just love to play with.

When you lay the Play N Wrap out flat, it’s a circular, soft play mat for the children to play on with their toys, then when they are done, leaving all the toys on there you pull the cord handles up and the Play N Wrap neatly consumes the toys so now you have a bag of toys and a neat and toy free floor space.

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Love, Love, Love this product! Finally a solution to all those toys which are always laying around, whether it is those bigger toddler blocks, tiny Lego pieces, matchbox cars or barbie with all her accessories, the Play N Wrap will work for you.

When you open it up it’s your very own play mat and you would never now it’s also a ‘bag’ because there are no zips, buttons or clips that will hurt your children’s knees while they move around and play; it lays completely flat.

The play mat is also a really good size, I think three children could comfortably play together on there along with their chosen toys. I thought it was a great feature that corduroy fabric has been used for the bottom layer of the Play N Wrap as this type of fabric is hard wearing. The candy coloured stripes on the top layer is soft cotton making it ideal for plenty of comfortable play.

So, we play and then we clean…. remember how time consuming and upsetting cleaning up can be? Well, Play N Wrap have saved us all the hassle. It really is as simple as pull up the concealed white cord at their ends and BANG, all toys are wrapped up in the Play N Wrap. It really is as quick and easy as that; really!

In our household we used the Play N Wrap with Hot Wheel cars at first, which worked a treat. Then I went with the Lego, many pieces of tiny Lego, of which I prefect at the table because I find it easier to control the whereabouts of the pieces. Today though I let them take it to the floor….. my verdict – absolutely wonderful! The Play N Wrap size was big enough for them to spread out but still keep the Lego on the play mat. Once they were down, I gently picked up the Play N Wrap for form a sack shape and that was it, all clean. You can either store this away or even hang it up somewhere out of the way.


All cleaned up and ready for play time tomorrow.

The convenience of the Play N Wrap has been beyond what I was expecting. We even took the Play N Wrap outside on a beautiful day to do Lego; this would never have happened before. It gives you to confidence to take the children’s toys beyond the lounge room.

Retails for $45.00

Play N Wrap is on


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