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Crackling Candle Co.

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Crackling Candle Co. is an Australian business which hand-crafts wooden wick candles on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It is the wooden wick that makes these candles unique within their field because when lit, this wick crackles like a gentle open wood fire. These hand-poured candles are made with 100% natural biodegradable soy wax making them an eco-friendly candle option too.

Aussie Product Review was sent a lovely package containing two melt packets; fig & cassis and lemongrass in scent and we also received two crackling candles; black raspberry (small) and coconut lime (large). We have shared these items between two of our reviewers and here is what they said about the Crackling Candle Co. products they received.

I am already an avid candle burner so I was very pleased to be one of the reviewers of these products.

I choose to burn my candles after the children have gone to bed so I can enjoy the piece and quiet along with the ambiance the flickering candle light gives off. Crackling Candle Co. have an added feature to their candles and, if you hadn't already guessed it from their business name, it is that they crackle while burning. For me, this just added a whole new level of enjoyment and relaxation. To have the slight crackle and the amazing scent of the candle fill my bedroom while I read was a really lovely moment for me – every night.

I really think Crackling Candle Co. have created really beautiful candles. The scent was strong without being over powering and the crackling was a welcomed background noise. I absolutely loved reviewing the large coconut lime candle. The quality is supreme and the quantity, and by this I mean burn time, is just as good. I have been burning this review candle for many hours and there is still plenty of burn time left.

Our second review sent this review in;

The gorgeous scent of the black raspberry Crackling Candle Co. candle is beautiful but I think the shine light of this candle is the crackling noise it gives off. I have never heard a crackling candle before, but now that I have I will always be buying this design. To have that slight crackle was just lovely and the scent was gorgeous too. To take the lid off the candle was a delight as it released an explosion of fragrance every time. Every burn session was just as fragrant as the last, this candle never lost or reduced its scent. Fantastic product!

The melts will last you a very long time! Six little segments to a packet, only one melt is required to be melted to create a room full of the amazing scent. I did use two segments in my burner as it has a deep dish and the strong scent gradually filled the room but without the smell being over powering. Yet again, Crackling Candle Co. has got the equation right in making the most beautiful smelling melts.

All the candles,soy wax melts and also reed diffusers come in a great selection of fragrances to choose from so we have no doubt you will find one you love or would like to try. Additionally, Crackling Candle Co. offer a wonderful service of wedding bombardiers; choose your ideal scent and label or tag and then the perfectly sized handmade natural wooden wick candles will be wonderfully elegant and personalised 'thank you' gift for all your wedding guests.

These candles would easily make gorgeous gifts; maybe something for that Secret Santa or hard to buy for family member….

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