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Live Love Bean

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This was such an interesting item to receive for review;
Magic Beans from Live Love Bean.

These beans are Canavalia ensiformis, commonly known as a Jack Bean and it is the beans themselves which are quite fascinating. They are laser-caved with your selected message, slogan or a graphic. We received a pack of these magic beans, picture below, and we were super excited to see how these grew.


We forwarded these Magic Beans onto two of our reviewers. Our first reviewers received the beans so she could plant them herself and our other reviewer received the beans already planted so she didn’t know what to expect message wise…

I received the Live Love Bean magic beans with ‘Believe’ and ‘Achieve’ magic message. As the messages is clearly seen on the bean before planting I was wondering how this bean was going to grow after it had been marked. I planted, watered and cared for my two beans and within four days I could seen the bean sprouting. Success! It was the very next day that I saw the message once again ‘Believe’ & ‘Achieve’ and you know what, it made be stop for a moment and think. To have the message on a growing, living plant was actually quite inspiring and was showing me to ‘Believe’ & ‘Achieve’. It’s at that point I realised just how special these Magic Beans are.


The gift giving idea came flooding in as to how and when I would share this product and business with my friends and family;

For the children – positive messages such as Growth or Happiness
For my parents – I love you and a heart graphic
For my friends – Thank you and a smiley face graphic
Or any occasion – Christmas, Congratulations or Forever.

I really enjoyed {and still am} watching these Magic Beans grow and flourish right before my eyes.

Reviewer #2 had this to say about the Magic Beans;

So, I got my pre-planted beans and really had no idea what to expect. I was advised not to check out the Live Love Bean website until after the beans had sprouted and I myself saw what was special about these beans. So, about 5 days in to the review process and I saw a love heart graphic growing up and out of the soil. I was so amazed with what I was seeing as I had no idea you could do this beans. (Well, I guess that is what makes these beans magic!) My second bean was a little behind in the germinating processes but that one said, ‘I love you’. This was really amazing to see these grow, and gosh did they grow fast!

I think these would make really great gifts for children and adults alike, specifically special to the reason for sending a gift. I thought these were a wonderfully fun and exciting product.


So there you have it, two different reviewers whom both loved these Magic Beans from Live Love Bean. Their website has a great range of messages and graphics you can get on your Magic Beans but should you want something different, Live Love Bean will do their best to cater to your request.

Why not consider these for friend, family, business slogans or clients. The message that you send with these beans can be to inspire, smile, health and happiness but would be interesting promotional items too.

Live Love Bean magic beans are incredibly affordable and are unlike anything you’ve seen!
Check them out on – Facebook


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