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Little Innoscents

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Little Innoscents is our business of review this week. If you Google ‘organic baby skincare’ Little Innoscents will be one of the first businesses you come across, with their vast range of organic baby products we are not surprised!

Antonette Golikidis is the founder of this Aussie business and she has spent many, many months creating and perfecting the right ingredients to create the first products that graced the Little Innoscents range. Antonette is constantly innovating and introducing new products into the range, such as the Milky Whites Toothpaste, which is the newest addition. Today, we are reviewing some great Winter products, the Winter Blues Balm and Moisture Rich Body Lotion, along with their Hair Fudge.

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Winter Blues Balm

This really is a wonderful product; it’s so versatile in its use. The obviously use is to rub into the chest area to help with the child’s ease of breathing, so we did… The product is strong with its scent but not overpowering. The smell of peppermint and eucalyptus are evident. We found it to be an honest help to our little boy whom had congested nasal passages during our review period.

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*  Winter Blues Balm is safe and gentle enough to use on newborn skin.
*  A bonus tip, which was new to me, rub a little onto the sole of their feet, it will also help to breathe easier.
*  Another great tip, is to put a small amount into a vaporiser or in a bowl, mix the Winter Blues Balm with hot water and place under their bed or another safe place to let the vapour fill the room. This will also help the child to breathe easier.


Moisture Rich Body Lotion

It’s light, soaks into the skin within seconds, smells of floral Ylang Ylang and it doesn’t leave any form of unwanted sticky, oily residue. I think this is a product you should really have on-hand, an organic moisturiser to hep with those crawling knees, dry elbows and general use all year ’round. There is no reason the whole family can’t use it.

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Hair Fudge

I hadn’t actually thought of putting product in my child’s unruly hair but you know what, it makes sense. Their hair is so fine and almost impossible to do anything with in the younger months, yet you still try to keep it neat and out of their eyes.

Little Innoscents has the perfect product. This hair fudge is a cream but I found the more you work it the tackier it becomes. We found it held the hair very well and for a significant time frame – keep in mind the product is not meant to hold up a Mohawk for the entire day. :-) It was just what we needed to keep ‘flyaways’ at bay.

image3 (4)

Now to wash it out!

I’m relieved and extremely happy to report it was easy to wash out of my little ones hair and
no residue was left after shampooing.

I think Little Innoscents has gone above and beyond to give our babies and children the very best in organic skincare products. Their range offers many other products such as Massage Oil, and Mineral Powder which is 100% talc free.

Conveniently, Little Innoscents have gift packs, bulk packs and samples to select from and of course their single items.

Little Innoscents products are:

  • 100% naturally derived ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced
  • Naturally scented using the finest essential oils
  • Australian Certified Organic – assuring authenticity
  • Not tested on animals

These product are really, really worth purchasing, for a baby shower, hospital gift or simply for your own little baby right now. The quality is great and the product is so gentle on little bodies, you really can’t go past this brand. They have worked hard to bring us 100% natural, Australian made and grown, baby skincare products, which are affordable.

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