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Sleepy Wings

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What an ingenious idea Sleepy Wings is! This product is an infant slumber wear jacket, designed to mimic the swaddling method of wrapping.

I really wish I had have known about this product when my son was born. He always had cold little hands during those nightly feeds and Sleepy Wings would have put an end to that! This product does much more than keep little hands warm. Sleepy Wings is sure to assist your baby’s comfort in one or more ways with its numerous useful functions for wear.


• Wearing during milk feeds ~ stops wandering hands distract feeding time.
• Stop them scratching ~ no more loose mittens and keeps hands covered.
• Dummy retrieval ~ use of the pockets gives baby 2 chances to replace their missing dummy.
• Out and about ~ makes transferring baby easier without disturbing their position.
• Wear upside down ~ great if you would prefer your baby’s arms down by their side.

As you can see Sleepy Wings is an extremely versatile product!

During our review, I found my bub had a much more peaceful sleep because his little hands weren’t flicking around and startling him. Also, during feeding, it stopped his wandering hands ending up in his mouth and because of this I think my little man had less wind which then meant a more tranquil sleep.

The Sleepy Wings can be used all year ‘round as it is made with a breathable cotton (90%) and elastane (10%) mix. This also allows the Sleepy Wings to expand and contract with the baby’s stretching movements. With the elastane in the fabric it is easy to place your baby into the Sleepy Wings, pop the dummies into the pocket and let your bub have a great sleep.

A terrific gift for a new mum!

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