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Wooly Mates – Laundry Dryer Balls

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Anna from Wooly Mates was generous enough to send us at Aussie Product Review their Wooly Mates Dryer Balls so that we could share our opinion with you. I was curious, because I had never heard of dryer balls before. I’m at a stage in my life where I want to reduce the chemicals in my home so I jumped at the chance to review these dryer balls. The idea that these balls can reduce the amount of drying time interested me. With electricity prices constantly going up and knowing that in certain places throughout Australia people still need to use their dryers regularly I couldn’t wait to test them out for you!

The benefits of not only getting your clothes to dry faster, but also not relying on any chemicals to soften your clothes, and not using dryer sheets all adds up to good sense. What I did like about the Wooly Mates Dryer Balls was that they are so soft – making the process quieter that other dryer balls made of plastics.

The Wooly Mates really do work as well as the website say they do.  On an average load in the dryer it usually takes about an hour and a half to dry a load for me.  With the six Wooly Mates in my test load it only took closer to an hour for the load to be thoroughly dry and they didn’t compromise any space either! That is a huge time and money saver in my opinion. The clothes were just as soft as if I’d used fabric softener, which I didn’t, and there was no static cling. If you miss the fragrance of dryer sheets its easy to add a few drops of essential oil to one of the balls after the load is dry and toss in the dryer and run for another 5 minutes, and much healthier too!



Wooly Mates Dryer Balls are a wonderful concept, especially if you are eco-friendly, just want to reduce the chemicals in your life or just want to save money!  They really do work!  I can happily recommend Wooly Mates Dryer Balls to anyone who wants to try something different and cut down on the time it takes to dry their laundry and of course save some money!

These felted wool balls are made from beautiful, freshly carded wool roving from NSW Australia.

Unlike other dryer balls, Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer balls are NOT made of yarn, which eventually unravels. Wooly Mates dryer balls are triple felted. They take a little longer to make, but they are the best quality and will last forever.

Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer balls reduce drying time – the more you use, the faster your clothes dry. Drying cloth nappies has never been so easy! They also soften clothes while reducing static and wrinkles.

You can even apply essential oils before popping them in the dryer to lightly scent your laundry and eliminate germs.

Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer balls are:

*the eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets


*chemical free

*energy savers

*perfect toys for babies and pets…..

*excellent gifts for Mother’s Day, Weddings, Christenings and Baby Showers…and so many more

Each set comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag with all you need to know, including directions ON the bag – perfect for gift giving or just to store them.

Price: $32.00

Interested in learning more about Wooly Mates Dryer Balls? Check out the links below:




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