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Tambo Teddies

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Our excitement built as we collected the package from our local post office.  It was a beautiful and unique shaped hexagon long barrel box which Box 1perfectly housed and protected the beautiful and soft Tambo Teddy in his travels to our place from Tambo in outback Queensland.  As we opened the box we found a draw string bag and inside was Jabinda Jessie who was anxiously awaiting to be released from his travelling cocoon into the wide open spaces of our unit.  Their packaging is perfect for sending a cuddly Tambo Teddy anywhere.  Jabinda Jessie is a beautiful soft and cuddly teddy complemented with a beautiful soft blue satin ribbon, brown eyes and cute black nose.

Swing Teddy 3

Over the past weeks we have taken Jabinda Jessie on many journeys with us and he has always been the perfect bear. Being crafted and handmade from 100% Australian sheepskin Tambo Teddies are truly an Australian product born out of a need to diversify back in 1992 in the small township of Tambo in outback Queensland when wool prices had crashed and the country was in the grip of a severe drought.

Swing Teddy 4

These beautiful soft and adorable teddies are carefully stitched and made with much love and pride as each teddy bear is tenderly created from 100% woollen sheepskin which couldn’t be more Australian, representing the wool and sheep industry.

We were totally amazed at the quality of the bear, perfectly stitched and filled to withstand the continual cuddling and love from a child who will have a bear friend for life.

Tambo Teddy stockmanYou can purchase these beautiful little cuddly fellows/gals dressed in beautiful clothing or with just a delicate soft ribbon adorning their neckline.  These iconic bears are instantly recognisable, they are cute, cuddly, huggable and lovable and would make any child, Prince and/or Princess happy.  Tambo Teddies have gifted numerous bears to princes and princesses including Prince William and Princess Charlotte which Swing Teddy 5now have a valued keepsake from Australia.

Tambo Teddies has a presence both on-line and with a shop front in Tambo making purchasing very simple and easy.  These very appealing and friendly teddy bears come in various sizes, colours and styles and can see by either visiting the Tambo Teddies  shop at 17 Arthur St, Tambo Qld where you see your bear come to life as he or she is lovingly made as their personality emerges or online at their easy to navigate website   Each bear is individually named after a farming property in the Tambo district and comes with its own unique number and personality.

Tambo Teddy shopYou may just might find the love of your life with the large selection of teddy bears to choose from just waiting to go home with you.  In our opinion Tambo Teddies are the perfect Australian developed and made gift for anyone big or small.Tambo Teddy shop crossing

We believe everyone needs a Tambo Teddy to love and cuddle, and be friend for life.


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