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Little Pawpaw’s Pure Merino Wool Wrap and Organic bodysuit

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Today we had the utmost pleasure of reviewing yet another icon of Australian products; carefully crafted and wrapped with so much love and care as obvious in the packaging. The very soft pure and creative paper wrapping was a natural blue, bonded by a light brown mesh paper. Contained in the package were; 1 Pure Merino Wool Wrap in Blue Sapphire and an Organic Bodysuit in Paisley print.Merino


Pure Merino Wool Wrap is a gender neutral lightweight wrap from little pawpaw at The generously measured wrap has a dimension of 100cm by 74cm and can used as both a swaddle and as a blanket at home or in a stroller or just something to snuggle up in. The 100% pure merino wool is perfectly suitable for babies as the fibres adjust naturally to suit body temperature to maintain optimum comfort in all seasons. It feels very soft and tender and easy to care as it’s moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. This highly recommended product is one of the many products of little pawpaw – Visit their website to shop for a range of  organic baby wears and accessories.


The organic cotton bodysuit in royal paisley print came in emerald green. This nicely fitting body suit has an envelope neck and snap buttons that makes it very easy and comfortable on little ones. This fabric is breathable which makes it perfect for all seasons. It comes in, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months. This is yet another (one of many) products from little pawpaw.

Jumpsuit            Kido

All products are proudly made in Australia!




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