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Looking for a gift for that person who has everything, well, Ajana may just have the right thing. Ajana sell home-made body products and homewares and today we are reviewing their reed diffuser.

Ajana sent us a lovely packaged reed diffuser in scent; lavender, lemongrass and tea tree, to review. With the square glass bottle, natural rattan sticks and the scented oil; this reed diffuser has a decorative look which will fit into any rooms décor.


We passed this lovely Ajana product onto our reviewer;

Complementary to the beautiful look of this product is the lovely scent of lavender, lemongrass and tea tree. I placed the Ajana room diffuser in our study area as it is a high traffic area and the place I spend most of my days. It does take a few hours for the oil to soak into and up the reeds and start releasing their fragrance, so it was the next morning got to appreciate this product.

The soft scent of lavender was evident even before I walk into the room the next day. Upon walking into our study area, it was then I could smell different layers to the aroma in the room. At one point I could clearly smell the lavender and at a different time of the day I could specifically smell the lemongrass – quite wonderful actually to smell the different layers, it was somewhat like experiencing perfume only it’s for the room/house.


I loved that when a breeze went through the house you got the gentle aroma float through to other rooms. If you are after a instant hit of fragrance, you can turn the rattan sticks upside down to release that maximum impact you are after.

These Ajana reed diffusers offer long lasting, continuous fragrance which will subtly add scent to your home. These reed diffusers are perfect for areas which are not suitable for candles or simply are a great alternative to candles should you not want to have a naked flame in your house.

Ajana offers an alternative so you can avoid the chemical cocktails or alcohol used in commercial room diffusers because Ajana’s reed diffusers are made with a high quality blend of all natural carrier oils and scented oils. All natural, No chemicals.

Ajana has many fragrances on offer, such as Cherry Blossom and French Vanilla and also, exquisite sounding scents like, Sweetpea & Vanilla and Sandalwood & Lime. Along with reed diffusers, Ajana has created a beautiful collection of unique Limited Edition Candles which use vintage China to create these individual pieces.


There are plenty of lovely products within Ajana’s website so you must pop by all see them all!

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