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Babychic Designs – Enter the Competition

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‘The Pram Organiser from Babychic Designs was an extremely practical and functional baby product which definitely helped me be more organised‘.

Now this is one handy product at all pram owners should have! The Pram Organiser is an all-purpose carry pouch which hangs off your pram handles. It is easily attached by the Velcro straps which go between your pram handle bars, it’s that easy!

Our reviewer of the Pram Organiser from Babychic Designs was mighty impressed by this helpful product.

‘Now Mr D is a toddler I carry, a water bottle, biscuits, socks, tissues and a dummy for him and then there is my mobile phone, keys and money and this is just to the local park! But all of these things fit nicely in the Pram Organiser. The bottle didn’t spill because of the elastic holders and I didn’t have to worry about losing my keys or money as there is a zip compartment plus there is a pocket for my mobile phone. I thought the Pram Organiser had covered it all. Still with everything I had in there I found there to still be plenty of room.

I also thought the choice of fabric was appropriate too because it feels to be hard wearing and was easy to clean. I found the Pram Organiser a great addition to the pram as it carried all the main items I needed and is conveniently located but not close enough to Mr D that he could get to everything.

I also trialled the Babychic Desgins Pram Hooks and I loved these! A simply design, Velcro the hooks to the pram handle and these 360 degree turning hooks are ready to go. I found these great when I had to purchase a packet of nappies or just having to get a few things from the supermarket. They were so helpful and made carrying things effortless.’

The indigo denim fabric used for the Pram Organiser makes this product great for either boys or girls and the Pram Hooks sound like they would also be a great addition to help us parents out. Head over to Babychic Designs to see all their great products, they have beautiful universal pram covers too.

Babychic Designs is also on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to drop over and say hi!

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