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Budget Book

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“One of my two New Years resolutions for 2014 is to be more respectful and aware of our ‘money situation’. As I am sure with may of you, we need to be smarted with our money. Sure I’ll start the New Year gun-ho and be more sparing of my spending but give it a few months and I will have forgotten all about my New Year resolution, and this is NOT what I want.

Then, what should come in for review just at the right time? Budget Book; A booklet that makes budgeting easy! Kate Crowley-Smith has created this budget book from her own spending/savings ‘scribbles’ as she states; writing down her basic cash flow day after day eventually led to the creation of the Budget Book.”


Our 1st review;

Money or should I say cash is so flippant these days, almost everything is on bank cards and you never really see yourself physically spending money. Something I love about Budget Book is that it makes me accountable for what I do spend. Swiping my card almost means nothing to me at the time but now that I am writing all my spending’s and other outgoings down, I really do see how good bad I am at spending. Don’t get me wrong, Budget Book isn’t a book to make you ‘feel bad’ about your spending habits, it’s designed to help you become more aware and inturn get your finances in order. At the front of the book there are four key steps for you to follow. These steps don’t just help you ‘keep your head above water’ but aim to help you get ahead. The step, Pay Yourself First; that’s my favourite. It’s made a positive difference to my view of budgeting already and just seeing more money added to that pool keeps me motivated to keep on the right track.

Budget Book has the right percentage between being detailed enough to cover all facets yet not overwhelming to have too many sections to fill out. It is perfect for the average household spending habits. It’s a great size too. It’s something I can slip into my handbag to make sure I really do write all our in- and out-goings!’

Reviewer #2 had this to say about the Budget Book;

Love, love, love the Budget Book. I’ve been reviewing this product for 7 weeks and at 4 weeks I’d seen enough – our spending habits had to change! I’ve been of this new mind set for 3 weeks now and still my husband is happy to sit with me for five minutes in the afternoon and fill me in with his spending of that day. It’s been great for us to work together to achieve the same result; which is extra money on the home loan. Also, for my husband, it’s great for him to see the bills coming in, since I pay them he never really has anything to do with them. The Budget Book has been great for us. It’s easy to use, effective and really well thought out. I’m excited to continue using the Budget Book for the rest of the year…. I’ll keep you posted!


The Budget Book website can also be a great resource for extra information on budgeting and finance as there are some great links and insightful videos to view.

At just $9.95 which includes postage and handling you can’t pass up the opportunity to better help your finances by purchasing this cute Budget Book.

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