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Cosima Skincare

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We have reviewed Cosima natural skin care products in the past and are not surprised we have received another glowing recommendation from our reviewer.  Cosima has a proven track record of developing skin care products that are not only organic but also exceptionally good for your skin.

“Cosima skin care is a unique range of Advanced Organic Cosmeceutical products formulated with the latest breakthroughs in Natural Skincare. Manufactured in Australia, each ingredient has been carefully selected and researched for their anti-ageing, skin enhancing properties and nutrients, we don't use any fillers and each ingredient in every product has beneficial properties for your skin and body.”

The pricing for Cosima products is very reasonable. They contain simply the best ingredients they can source and they keep the prices in an excellent range for everyone. It’s a company that actually cares about every aspect of their customers.

I got to review the Cosima Flawless Active Enzyme Peel, which you can use weekly as a great treatment or simply whenever you want to freshen up your skin, Purely Radiant Elixir, which is full of wonderful natural oils and extracts that nourish the skin and their Foaming Cleanser, which of course is also full of skin nurturing ingredients. I’m almost 50 years old, have dryish skin and fine lines, and so was looking forward to trying the products from Cosima.

Cosima has really made these products outstanding. They all performed really well on my skin, leaving it extremely smooth and well moisturised.

Firstly the Foaming Cleanser – Balancing: This cleanser foamed up beautifully and I didn’t need much to cleanse my whole face and neck, in fact I had to make a point of using so little. It easily removed my makeup and left my skin moisturized without a tight feeling. The smell was lovely too.


I then used the Flawless Active Enzyme Peel: I used this over my face, neck and décolletage areas and left it on for the required twenty minutes. This really surprised me! It just melted away the dead layer of skin so gently that I didn’t realize it was working until I removed it. It left my skin super smooth and so soft!

After the peel I applied the Purely Radiant Elixir, which was a light oil that quickly absorbed into my skin and didn’t leave an awful oily feel, it left my skin well moisturised. The next day my skin felt fresh and clean.

If you’d like to find out more about the beautiful products from Cosima then read our previous reviews:

The Cosima range is 100% chemical free providing fantastic results, naturally.

Cosima Skincare products are also 100% Australian made and owned.

For more information visit their website; and you can also follow them on their Facebook page.


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