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Cosima Skincare

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For review this week are products by Cosima Skincare who have created a magnificent, unique range of 100% natural cleansers, creams and lotions. Cosima have a wholly natural product range that is set to revolutionise the natural skin care industry by using effective, unique ingredients. The Cosima skincare range uses a highly potent formulation with active ingredients which is proven to visibly reduce the signs of ageing without causing irritation. Their products blend science and nature to create a skin care range that uses a combination of active ingredients, carefully selected plant extracts and essential oils.


We received 2 sets of Cosima Skincare products which included a Gentle Foaming Cleanser; a Replenishing Day Cream and a Flawless Eye Cream which were sent out to two of our reviewers. Their reviews are as follows;

Reviewer A – ‘I used these products as my beauty regime for two weeks before I wrote my review so I could really see the results of these products. Starting with the Cosima Gentle Foaming Cleanser, I used this morning and night and I was absolutely impressed with this product. Being a little oily in the morning the cleanser removed the oils without stripping my face completely of natural oils, then at night the cleanser removed all my makeup without me having to scrub my face. It felt very gentle on my skin and smelt nice too, although it is not scented. After using the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, I used the Cosima Replenishing Day Cream (in the morning) and this was just beautiful. It soaked into my skin beautifully and was not oily at all. There was also no worry in putting my makeup over this cream, in fact it felt like it had created a nice base for my makeup. Now, the Flawless Eye Cream, wow I loved it! Lovely and smooth, easy to dab into the delicate skin around your eyes and it reduced the puffiness under my eyes! So, after my two weeks of using the Cosima Skincare products I found my skin to be a lot smoother and softer and generally healthier.’

Reviewer B – ‘It was the Flawless Eye Cream that caught my attention…… Being in my early thirties I have noticed the skin around my eyes starting to get fine lines and a few which aren’t so fine. The Flawless Eye Cream by Cosima Skincare completely took away the lines around my eyes, both the fine and deeper lines. I was extremely impressed that a natural product had worked this well and that the effects lasted a long time (over 12 hours).  In my opinion it is like Botox results but without the needles, fantastic! Both the other products, the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and the Replenishing Day Cream were just as great quality as the Flawless Eye Cream. They both left my skin feeling supple and healthy. I really thought the Cosima products that I trialled were superior, amazing that they are 100% natural too.’

They are two very great reviews of the Cosima Skincare products but with no mineral oils, no petroleum, no artificial fragrances, not tested on animals and many other positives, you can definitely see why. The Cosima range is 100% chemical free providing real results, naturally.

For more information visit their website; and you can also follow them on their Facebook page.
Cosima Skincare products are 100% Australian made and owned.

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