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Curry Traders

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‘The best curry I have ever tasted and I cooked it myself…… well with a little help from Curry Traders!’

I also have to agree, it was the best curry I have had and I cooked it myself too. :-)  This is the great thing about Curry Traders they have made things easier for us in the kitchen because they have created a great range of prepared spices so we can cook fantastic authentic meals at home. There is a great selection of curries to choose from such as, butter chicken, lamb madras, chicken tikka masala plus many more. What makes Curry Traders unique is the way the product has been prepared for us.

Each bag is numbered which corresponds when following the recipe, making it so simple to make your meal of choice. You may have to grind the fresh but dried spices and when you do the aroma begins to fill the room. I think this is the secret on how we made such amazingly authentic tasting meals.  You grind these spices just before adding them to the meal so no flavour gets lost; it all goes straight into the meal to create that curry ‘bang’. Each little bag is perfectly measured for the recipe, so all you need to do is follow the recipe, (which comes in the pack with the curry), add the few ingredients required and your curry will be done.

Reviewer A ~ ‘I thought now was the best time to write my review, right after I have eaten Bangladesh Prawns thanks to Curry Traders. What an amazing meal! The aroma filled the house while cooking and the taste was just as magnificent. This was a super easy meal to prepare thanks to the prepared individual spice bags and the easy to follow recipe instructions.’


Reviewer B ~ ‘I never would have thought I could cook such an authentic tasting curry. I really enjoy curries so I am so happy to have tried and found Curry Traders because from now on this is all I will be buying; no more jar curry sauces for me! With ever spice pre measured and bagged by numbers it only takes half the time to cook an awesome dinner. I tried the lamb madras and I absolutely loved it. The lamb was tender and the taste was superb.  Yum!’


If you love curries, you must try Curry Traders curries. Curry Traders makes it easier for us to create an authentic meal at home. Their website has their full range of products plus a description of each, giving you a great idea of the curry in question. You can have super hot or mild meals and there are curries for chicken, beef, lamb or prawns.

Do yourself a favour, have a packet of Curry Traders product in your cupboard. I can guarantee you it will impress anyone who eats it.

Curry Traders have market stalls at various markets stalls in Queensland and three in New South Wales, but you can purchase all the curries online. Their Facebook page will keep you up to date of when and where their market stalls are.

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