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Dave is Brave

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Dave is Brave is the first book in the Learn to be Buddies series written by Amanda Gray.

Dave is Brave can be used to teach children language needed for defending themselves. It can be used to teach children about the difference between anger and assertiveness. You can use the pictures to teach children about body language and facial expressions…. and the list goes on.

The book is written in a similar format to a social story so that it can be used for children such as those with Autism who need explicit instruction in social skills.

It is a great book for children to begin the learning of social behaviours and, in this case, skills for dealing with a bully. Dave is Brave is a simple and comprehensive picture book that has a direct meaning which is told in a way small children will understand. It is great for children to learn that they do have the power to stand up for themselves in the right way and tackle a problem that is affecting them. This book works on giving the child the confidence and right tools on being able to deal with such issues as bullying.

The illustrations correspond to the words on every page. It makes a great way of not only telling but showing a child what is going on in the bullying scenario. The illustrations are clear and do not take over from the facts the picture book is conveying. 

Once the story is over there are five questions at the back of the book. Again, this is another way of interacting with the child for their point of view on how they would deal with such a problem, the feelings each character would have, etc. This is a good way for the parent or teacher to see what they have learnt from the book or even find out if the child has ever been in a situation of bullying. These questions open the door for communication on bullying between child and adult, that otherwise probably would never happen.

This book, Dave is Brave is a fantastic way of teaching children the beginning signs of bullying and how to deal with it. This book would be a wonderful tool to help any small child begin to learn the difference between wrong and right in a social situation.

Take a look at this unique concept from Amanda and support her efforts in combatting bullying!
Amanda also has a blog you can visit and join here

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