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Dinosnores – Baby & Toddlers

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Our followers should be familiar with the Aussie business Dinosnores as it was only a few weeks ago we reviewed the Dinosnores Sleepy Stories for primary school ages children; the honeybee and pterosaur sleepy stories. This week we bring you reviews from two mothers of slightly littler children, one being 7 months old and the other 4 years. The tree sleepy stores we speak of this week are suitable from birth onwards and the Kitten story is more for toddlers. Lets see what these mothers had to say of the new release soothing, relaxing soundscape stories this week.

Forest Night – Our little 7 month old daughter is still at the stage where whatever time suits her to fall asleep, day or night, we just go with it, so to have a CD like the Forest Night to put on is a blessing! Nothing worse than outside noises waking up your baby. :-)

I loved the realistic soundscape noises, (they actually could be real I'm not sure), of all the night-time insects like crickets and frogs. They are relaxing to listen to and best of all they are a complete distraction from the noises of the house and outside world. Although my daughter wouldn't understand the words being said, I think the voice for her was a comfort because when she would awake she was happy to lay there and listen, gargling away. I played this CD day and night to help her get a relaxed, rested sleep.

We also got to review the Ocean Waves CD too.

Ocean Waves – I personally loved this one. I listen to it a few nights and did as the narrator suggested;  take a deep breath, stay nice and still and quiet, all while listening to the beautifully relaxing waves crash in the background. I will admit I did picture myself in Maldives relaxing on a banana lounge but it was the sleepy story itself that put me there while I listened to the waves. Even I felt this CD gave be a more rested sleep particularly when I was catching a nap during the day while my little Miss was asleep herself. It reduced my ear from catching distracting noises and the narrator was a pleasure to listen to.

Our second reviewer is a mother to a 4 year old girl and some of us will have an understanding as to how hard it can be to get that age to bed. ;-)

Kitten – I thought the purring at the start was a lovely way to commence the CD as it got my daughter to listen straight away; she just loves kittens/cats. :-) This particular sleepy story was a favourite for my daughter, yes because she loves kittens but also because she enjoyed listening to the story. Well, the beginning of it anyway, she never manages to stay awake for the whole story. I have to say too, it was a nice change to see her want to go to bed rather than her fighting the inevitable.


The Dinosnores CD's are scripted especially for little ones thanks to Sherene Alfreds experience as a paediatric speech pathologist. They develop listening and auditory skills by mixing both speech and non speech sounds.

Each CD has a RRP of $20 – $25 and is available on iTunes. You can listen to a sample of all the Dinosnores Sleepy Stories on their website, the hardest part will be deciding which sleep story to get!

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