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Dinosnores Sleepy Stories is a relatively new business, only being launched in 2011. Dinosnores Sleepy Stories are wonderfully told stories and soundscapes which will help teach children relaxation along with visualisation skills to ultimately get them to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

We received Honeybee and Pterosaur Sleepy Story CDs suitable for primary school aged children; both of which are a new release too. Here is what our first reviewers had to say about Dinosnores;

A busy honeybee snuggles up in its honeycomb bed being very still and very quiet helping the baby bees to sleep.

I listened to this CD the night before I had my daughter unknowingly review this product. From my point of view it worked extremely well, (on both me and my daughter). I loved listening to the gentle, slow paced narration and imagining as the story went along. I was surprised to hear it was quite educational too, using 'big words' and facts about the theme. I have to admit, I did fall asleep while listening to the Honeybee CD and had to listen again the next morning but that just goes to show the CD worked to relax me and send me to sleep, now to my daughter….

She slept like a baby! She is a little worrier and at times can keep herself awake thinking and worrying. So, for seven nights straight I played the Honeybee CD and told her to close her eyes, listen to the words and try not to think about anything else other than what was being said. For all seven nights she was asleep when I checked on her which was about 15 minutes after she went to bed. For our little 8 year old, 15 minutes in bed is never enough time for her to calm herself down and sleep. I've come in 45 minutes later and she has been upset because she can't get to sleep, so to have our little girl sleeping soundly so quickly was really wonderful to see. On top of that, not once in that week did she wake up cranky, tired or lethargic and I honestly put it all down to the Dinosnores Honeybee CD because we didn't change anything else.

I would recommend this CD even if your child is a good sleeper because I think our daughter had a much more calm and relaxed sleep which I think would benefit all the children out there.

Honeybee- Dinosnores

Our second reviewer/s received the Pterosaur CD and here is their view on the Sleep Story CD;

A sleepy pterosaur glides through the twilight sky high above the ocean back to its cliff-top home.

Pterosaur Sleep Story from Dinosnores was the CD my boys got to review. My two boys share a room, they are 6 and 3 so one is Primary school age and the other is too young to help with the review really, (although he wanted the CD on every night too).

For us it is always hard to get our boys into bed but with the addition of the Pterosaur Sleep Story CD we had no trouble getting either into bed and this really helped relax the bedtime routine, rather than all the drama that usually goes with bedtime. I found there was a big difference in the quality of sleep my 6 year old son had. I could tell he was more rested in the morning and looked very refreshed after his sleep. These were on going results too, to-date we have been using this CD for over a month now.

I think these CD's are such an innovative idea, they manage to incorporate a journey full of interest and imagination for the child yet has the ability to send them to a relaxing sleep with the soft voice, repetition and soundscapes. The fact that the Pterosaur Sleep Story from Dinosnores worked so well for our boys I know I will be looking into getting more of these Sleep Stories.

Pterosaur- Dinosnores

These are two great sounding reviews from our two reviewers and their children of the Dinosnores Sleep Stories CD's. Now, we did get these in CD form but the stories are avaliable to be downloaded via iTunes along with all the rest of the Dinosnores stories which are suitable for various aged children. (Watch this space as we wil be reviewing some more Dinosnores Sleepy Stories again soon.) When you do head over to the Dinosnores website you can listen to a sample of each story before you decide which to purchase.

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