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Artistic Designs – Flights of Fancy

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Just about all women love jewellery and we think we have found the
most amazing jewellery you will ever see.

Artistic designs – Flights of Fancy design and create a range of beautiful ‘butterfly jewellery’. You can get rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, which is what we have received, in their butterfly jewellery designs. When purchasing any of the butterfly jewellery designs from Flights of Fancy you can take comfort in knowing all the butterfly products are ethically obtained from Australian and international butterfly farms that possess all the necessary licenses they require for breeding butterflies. Flights of Fancy only receive the wings once the butterfly has lived its full natural lifespan. Some butterflies may be slightly imperfect due to the nature of life but this just makes each piece unique.

As mentioned, we received gorgeous Genova Azure butterfly wing earrings and also a lovely fairy trinket box.

‘I found these beautiful earrings from Flights of Fancy absolutely breathtaking. Not only are they beautiful to look at as they are but when the light catches the earrings you are again captivated by the amazing iridescent colours of the butterfly wings. I found it amazing that such a delicate piece can be preserved so well and entirely intact. They hang beautifully and did not irritate my earlobes. I found so many people would notice and comment on these earrings, everyone was just as amazed and in-ore-of these earrings as I was.’

‘I was given the adorable fairly trinket box. I gave it a good look over before surprising my daughter with it. The box is made very well and the addition of the fairy on top is very cute. When you open it, to me it looked like a fairy’s field, complete with flowers and glitter; such a lovely gift of a little girl. I got some help to review this item from my daughter and she loved it. It sat proudly on her dresser next to her jewellery box. I did have a peek inside and she had put her special bracelet in there. The next day I opened it, there were crystals which she calls her jewels. From what I could tell, she thought this fairly trinket box was very special and she chose to keep her special items in it. I think one of these would make a great gift for any little girl, there are so many special things they will want to put inside it.’

Flights of Fancy have a huge range of products, so if you are after a timeless fashion accessory, visit artistic designs – Flights of Fancy, they have a gorgeous range of butterfly jewellery products on both their website and MadeIt pages plus there is heaps more jewellery pieces to check out.
Also, you can follow  artistic designs -Flights of Fancy on Facebook too.



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