Aussie Product Review is a free service for small Australian businesses. We will review your products and promote your business on our website and our social media outlets which have a collective following of many thousands!

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If you’d like to get a review of your products then read the following information. We’d love to promote you!
Here’s how it works:

1. You simply donate two identical full sized products (or gift sets) that your business currently sells and wants to promote. One product is for Aussie Product Review to review and keep, and the other product will be given away to one winner (unless you select to have more than one winner), through our website’s Competition page.Your product will be reviewed by one of our professional reviewers to suit your particular product and then the review will be posted on the site.

You only send us one product as you will be sending the second product directly to the winner of the competition when we send you the winner’s details.

This gets your business in front of a whole new set of people who perhaps don’t know about you.

2. Your review will be posted on our website and will remain there for at least a week in the top spot or until another review is completed for publication. Then an excerpt of your review will remain on the home page for a further two weeks and after this is will be placed under the appropriate category. Your giveaway product will be promoted on our Competition page for between four and six weeks and also through all our social media networks.

3. During the week your link is promoted we will ‘ping’ your review to hundreds of websites. We also twitter and Facebook your review through our Aussie Product Review and All About Biz networks and encourage other blogs to post your review on their sites. (The internet term “ping” is a way of sending info to websites that you have updated the content on your site/blog. Sending a Ping increases your chances of getting traffic to your blog.)

4. You are free to post your review, link back to your review and use your review however you like. Your review can:

* Help generate a positive image for your business
* Build customer trust with unbiased opinion
* Generate free advertising
* Promote and reinforce favourite products (eg: Add a link to your review from the products page on your site)


We are here to help Australian Business – no matter how small or new your business or venture is we will review your products.

You only send us one product as you will be sending the second product directly to the winner of the competition when we send you the winner’s details.

Send your product and a detailed description and photo (optional, we can use photos off your website if you like) to the postal address below:
Please include your name, business name, website, blog and email address.
All products received remain the property of Aussie Product Review.
We will contact you to confirm we have received your products and then again when your review is posted

Aussie Product Review
C/o Ted Godwin

PO BOX 602,


If we review your products and the results are not so good we will give you the chance to decline having the review published.


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