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Get Kids Cooking @ Home

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This relatively new brand; Get Kids Cooking, is a
monthly subscription based product

which is a cooking kit for children (and their parents).

This product review has been great fun; cooking in the kitchen with my little man. The whole pack was just wonderful because there is pieces of fun at every stage. He loved the addition of the measuring spoons. Everything is colourful and fun, age appropriate and educational. Not only are the children learning fine motor skills and general life skills but we got to spend quality time together; we laughed, I explained things and then we ate our creations. The whole concept is wonderful.

For our first creation we actually made bath salts. I thought this was really good because for this one, our little two year old had a go at mixing some up too. I have a little video below of how successful these were and although they were for Mother’s Day. I decided to let the boys see how these were used and enjoy their creation. (I have a jar left for me, I just need to find the time to use enjoy it.)


Even Superman needs a bath. ;-)

Even Superman needs a bath. ;-)

Since they had so much fun with the bath salts, we made the ANZAC apple crumble that night. By following the recipe card we cooked up the best apple crumble ever and our 5 year old was very impressed with himself and he ate a whole bowl of it. He really enjoy ‘independently’ cooking and was very proud of the meal he had created and the fact the whole family ate it, wow, he was busting with pride. I was great to see.

image4 (1)

As you can see, Get Kids Cooking @ Home looks to have been wonderful fun for this family. Are you wondering exactly what it contains? Well, every month you will receive;

  • 3 child-friendly, allergy aware recipe cards
  • A cooking tool or utensil
  • A skill card explaining how to use the tool of the month
  • A skill badge to display on their aprons
  • A shopping list for the fresh ingredients
  • A craft activity linking to the recipe of the month
  • A key pantry ingredient
  • Fun activities and conversation starter cards.

image3 (3)

Get Kids Cooking @ Home is a monthly subscription cooking kit for children which will cost $26.95. The convenience of this product is wonderful; it’s delivered to your home with all but the fresh ingredients. That is no bother though because there is a shopping list included!



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