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Goolie Goolie

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Have you heard of the Aussie business Goolie Goolie? They have designed and created a soother and comforted in one; specifically it is a dummy which is permanently attached to a plush character. These Goolie Goolie's have kept with an Aussie theme. They are three cute characters; Bluey the wombat, Rusty the kangaroo and Banjo the koala, each with the Australian flag embroidered underfoot. Here is what our reviewer of Rusty had to say about the Goolie Goolie they reviewed;

These dummies are suitable for baby's 0-6 months but as have probably noticed from our photo, our son still loved his Goolie Goolie for a good few months beyond the age bracket.


The plush is soft and cuddly and quite a good size for exploring little hands. The Goolie Goolie is designed in a way that the plush can comfortably rest on their chest while the baby sucks the dummy. Rest assure, the Goolie Goolie is very light weight and will not impact on their breathing capabilities. The teat was the perfect size and fit to my baby's mouth and the silicon is soft.

Surprisingly the two together are still easy to clean; the teat can still be sterilised by immersing the teat part into boiling water for 2-4 minutes, and the plush surface is cleanly maintained with a regular spot clean. I had no trouble keeping the Goolie Goolie clean and sterilised.


Rusty’s morning handstand in a bid to get sterilised. :-)

The quality of the teat and the plush are 100% in my opinion. I couldn't fault the design or make of the Goolie Goolie. I've been really impressed by this product and loved the touch of the Aussie theme. Our little son got plenty of comfort and was soothed by this product so we couldn't have asked for more.

These Goolie Goolie's are of course Australian standard approved and are made with medical grade silicon and are BPA free. These three cute Aussie characters can be found in many stores. We are just loving these cute little Aussie creatures and as our reviewer has shown us they do work a treat with the little ones, so it you have a baby shower coming up or you're the one about to have a baby, maybe you should consider a Goolie Goolie.


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