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Gumigem Australia

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Gumigem Australia Catherine Jones from Melbourne had the great idea to bring into Australia the wonderful award winning teething jewellery from GUMIGEM ®. Her own children had a hard time teething and after searching the Internet she found these products from the UK that worked for her and therefore would probably work for you too!

The idea behind the jewellery range is that when you have a baby, you are unable to wear the same jewellery you once wore because they tend to grab, chew and break it. You might also be concerned about your baby chewing on your jewellery because of the chemicals or metals in it. That’s how GUMIGEM ® was created.

We kindly received two products from GUMIGEM ® to review. The delicious Grapevine Skimmer necklace and the Thistle Bubba Bangle.  All the GUMIGEM ® products are made from BPA free, non-toxic silicone and are for Mum or Dad to wear and for baby to enjoy!

“ This necklace and bangle instantly surprised me when I saw it because they looked like pieces of fantastic jewellery. They didn’t look cheap and nasty, that were good quality pieces that I proudly wore out and about. Like most mums I’d given up on wearing my own jewellery.


My youngest child, only 7 months and in the midst of teething loved it! The soft and pliable silicone on the necklace didn’t hurt her gums at all and she happily chomped on it for ages. Also the shapes of the pieces on the Skimmer necklace were so perfect for her little mouth, not too big or scratching the corners of her mouth.

It’s a relief to be able to give her something to chew on that is safe and comfortable for her.  Many of the teething toys we have are made from a much harder plastic and they don’t look very satisfying to chew on at all!

I’m still breastfeeding and my baby found the necklace very comforting while she was feeding. She played with it and studied it at great length.

I was also given the Thistle Bubba Bangle to review at the same time and this was perfect for when I wasn’t watching my baby. Of course I wouldn’t leave her alone with the necklace but the bangle was safe for her to chew on unsupervised. For that reason I’d say to buy both the necklace and bangle!


I can wholeheartedly recommend this teething jewellery! For me it worked great as a nursing necklace to keep my baby amused and calm while feeding and also as a teething accessory. I’d say it’s a must have for any mummy with teething children! I will definitely be buying these as gifts for the expectant mummies I know!”

The necklace has a breakaway safety clasp at the back, which will open if pulled tightly. Both pieces of jewellery can be washed in soapy water. They can withstand high temperatures, so can be sterilised or put in the dishwasher.

Many teething necklaces are made from hard beads, which many dentists poses a potential risk of wear and damage to emerging teeth. GUMIGEM ® teething jewellery are made from a wonderfully soft and safe silicone that doesn’t harm emerging teeth.

Catherine is giving you the chance to win the same set of a Grapevine Skimmer necklace and the Thistle Bubba Bangle by simply entering the contest below – enter now and good luck!

You can find GUMIGEM ® online at where you can buy direct or check them out on Facebook

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