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Happy Skincare

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100% natural skincare, organic, cruelty free and vegan; the aptly named Aussie business Happy Skincare is our featured business this week.

It was the skincare sample pack which we received for review and this pack is the just the right size for 2 weeks use. We found this just long enough to come out with beautifully soft and healthy skin and leaving you wanting more…


Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm; I loved the idea of a balm. Add a little water to a walnut size of balm, making it into a paste and gently massage over your face. This product in gentle enough to work around the eyes and will even help you remove eye make-up. I loved the fresh, and gentle scent of the lemon too. Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm left my skin clean, smooth and feeling really fresh.

Left - Straight out of the jar. Right - Mixed with a little water and ready to apply.

Left – Straight out of the jar.
Right – Mixed with a little water and ready to apply.

Next to be used in my new skincare regime is Happy Skincare – Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic. Lovely spray, simple to use, and has a light scent of rose. This was great for hydration and also a great base to help the Good Vibes – Omega Facial Oil slide better over your skin.

I am a big fan of face oil and the Happy Skincare – Omega Facial Oil is no exception. I felt like the oil was slightly heavy on the skin but within a minute it had soaked in and I was only left with a slight oil layer; off to bed I went. When I woke in the morning, all the oil had absorbed into my skin and I was left with beautifully soft and more youthful looking skin. I definitely had less fine lines than when I went to bed.

For the purpose of the review I switched between the Good Vibes one week and Perfectly Happy – Light Anti-Oxidant Cream the next. I loved the lightness of this cream and a small amount spread far. I scent was lovely a fresh too. The whole Happy Skincare sample pack was a complete pleasure to use and I wish all who were reading this would try Happy Skincare for themselves.

Putting all three of these products together and creating a coherent skincare regime has done my skin the world of good. I did use the Pig in Mud – Mineral Mask after one week and it was exceptional at clearing stubborn impurities in my skin and left my skin clean, fresh and tight. I know my skin is healthier for the switch to Happy Skincare.


Along with cleansers, oil and masks, Happy Skincare also have natural make-up which is also organic, non-toxic and Australian owned and made. There is also a variety of packs to choose from whether your interested in the sample pack, gift pack and even a value pack.

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