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How to Use Your Product Reviews

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Product Reviews are a great way to market your business. They give you credibility—a third-party endorsement. It is no longer you alone saying that your business and products and website are phenomenal—it is someone else saying that they are phenomenal and that's powerful in business marketing!

Here are ten simple ways you can leverage your product review to make it work as part of your ongoing marketing strategy.

  1. Link to your review in your social media postings. Let everyone know you have been reviewed and that you're excited about it!
  2. Add a 'Media' or 'News' page to your website and place your review there for a permanent unbiased testimonial for your customers to read.
  3. Use your review in your newsletter. A great quote and then a link to the full review will entice your readers to visit your website.
  4. Include a quote from the review and then a link to the full review on your email marketing. Potential customers can then read this and it comes across as a 'milder' sales approach rather than your businesses own marketing pitch.
  5. Add your review to any press releases you are submitting – this gives the journalist a more even view of your products.
  6. Add a link to your review in any byline you publish either in articles or blog entries.
  7. Weave your reviews right into the text of any articles or blog entries you are writing linked to the full review.
  8. Build on the review by asking for comments on your other products and services through your blog or social networks – ask for permission to post these on your website to 'back up' the review.
  9. Be creative with how you market your review – Can you print it out and include it with orders or catalogues?
  10. Create a video about your products and quote from your review to give your business more credibility.

According to a recent study put out by Oneupweb, online customer testimonials and reviews directly influence the purchase decision of 40.9% of your site’s customers. This means that some customers don’t just expect to see testimonials and reviews on your site, they need to see testimonials and reviews before they buy.

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