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Kids Activities Delivered

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web-logo-e1402187882659Sarah is the woman behind Kids Activitites Delivered and is a qualified teacher with 5 years of classroom experience. She is now a stay at home mum who lives in a gorgeous part of North East Victoria and has spent much of her time teaching herself different skills, taking part in MOOC courses and now launching Kids Activities Delivered. We were delighted when she asked us to review one of her acitivty boxes and we chose the MINI-STRONOMERS box!


Our 4 year old reviewer was keen to get started as soon as the box arrived and was opened and we had to calm him down before anything could begin – a good sign!

The Mini-Stronomers box, as with all the boxes comes with everything you'll need to complete the activities (except scissors) Although you can purchase some scissors before checking out. You can also order a 'Sibling Kit' when checking out which would be handy for keeping the peace. These kits would be a great gift idea from Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles and friends! All children love receiving things in the mail so next time you need to buy a birthday gift consider an activity box from Kids Activities Delivered – so easy and terrific value!


Our MiniStronomers box included:

  • Window to the Universe activity
  • Make your own planet
  • View from the Space Station activity
  • Solar System bunting

Also included:

  • Interview with an Australian working in the space industry
  • Contact information so kids can suggest their own planet names
  • Great space information (Which was REALLY INTERESTING!!!!)

    Our reviewer got to work and found all the activities easy to manage (with a bit of help here and there) and lots of fun to create. He loves the planets anyway so this box kept him enthralled. The four activities kept him busy for about two hours and to complete with drying and asssembly time he was interested for most of the day. We stuck everything up near a sunny window so he could admire his handywork for many days!
    The activity box is a wonderful idea because it takes all the hassle or stress out of activity time – having the projects already set out to do is great and because they learn as well it is well worth it! You could do one activity a day and stretch it out but our reviewer was so enthusiastic he wanted to do all the activities in one day! He absolutely loved it and we were very impressed by the ease and thoroughness of the activities.

    solar Collage

All the activity boxes are priced at only $25 and that includes delivery! You can purchase them directly off their website

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Kids Activities Delivered is exactly what it promises – great activities for kids, delivered right to your door! Free delivery Australia wide!



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