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Kids Zip Sheets

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Kids Zip Sheets was developed here in Australia by a wonderful mother who wanted to keep her children, secure and warm at night. We all know how hard it is to keep children under the covers and we’ve all tried tucking them in tightly and then checking on the throughout the night only to find them out of the sheets again. Well this great invention solves that problem. It’s unique in that it not only zips up at the side as you can see below but it also has press clips which enable you to short sheet for those little ones.


What is a Kids Zip Sheet?

It’s a sleeping innovation to prevent children from kicking off or tangling in their sheets. It’s a flat sheet sewn to the fitted sheet with zips either side to allow for easy entrance and exit whilst still allowing ventilation for the feet at the end of the bed. Our zip up bed sheets are especially great for children with Special Needs; Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. We have many wonderful photos of how our zippered sheets have helped so many thousands of families around the world, sleep better. We are the first to produce a zippered cot sheet set that allows the top sheet to fold down onto itself with press clips. This ‘short sheeting’ method allows you to shorten the top sheet to various lengths depending on the age and height of your young child.

 I was given a set of the Kids Zip Sheets to review for my toddler and I was keen to try them out. He rolls around a lot at night and always ends up out of the sheets. When I made up the cot with the new sheets I just loved the bright aqua colour, so fresh. The design of the sheets allowed me to short sheet the top sheet and secure it to the bottom sheet with the zips and then with press clips, very easy. The sheets gave him adequate room to move freely but they didn’t end up at the bottom of the cot in a bundle like other sheets usually did. He actually stayed in the sheets until 5am, which was great. I’d also like to mention the quality of the sheets themselves, they were thick and soft – definitely sheets that would make the perfect gift for someone.

Kipsheet Collage


  • Kids Zip Sheets are made in a variety of patterns and sizes to suit Cot, Single, King Single, and Double beds. The Patent Application No. 2013100545 also includes both Queen and King size beds; however these sizes are not presently for sale.
  • Made from high quality percale cotton and cotton blends in a range of thread counts
  • Made with quality colour-matched plastic YKK zips. Both zips are disguised within the sheets so that the overall presentation of the sheets is neat and tidy.
  • Unsewn section on both sides at the bottom end to allow for feet ventilation
  • All orders are shipped by registered courier to your door
  • Suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years of age.  [If you have a child under two years of age, you must use this product responsibly. Once you get the product home the onus is on you to ensure you use the press studs to short sheet the top sheet].

You can buy these sheets directly from Kids Zip Sheets here. They have a wonderful range including sheets for standard cots, Boori cots, single, king single and double beds. They also have various patterns and fabrics ; 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends and flannelette.

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