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Now this is a piece I would class as fashion forward!

We were sent a gorgeous silver and gunmetal Original Knotlace to review. Nobody here at Aussie Product Review had seen an accessory like this before and we were all taken by it. We had a great time just looking at the Knotlace as it snaked its way into its new positions. You want to move it, change it and design something unique every time. I imagine to design a formation that is wearable would be quite a nice touch to your outfit.

Here is what our lucky reviewer had to say about the Knotlace;

I guess you would start by calling the Knotlace a necklace but once you get to know your Knotlace you realise you can wear it not only as a necklace but a bracelet, belt or hair accessory! I found the Original Knotlace to be a good length, (90cm long), as I could comfortably make nice sized designs which sat on my décolletage with ease. I was worried that the Knotlace would leave a smell of metal or a tarnished mark around my neck as it is made with small metal cups but this was not the case. There is no metal smell to the Knotlace nor any smell to be left on your hands after manipulating the product and definitely no tarnish marks either.


To wear the Knotlace was fun. People would notice it every time I wore it and many would ask about it. The possibilities of designs are endless and whether you want to wear this item out with a fancy dress or t-shirt and jeans, the Knotlace will work, you can make it work. I loved it. It really is a simple design yet probably the most unique fashion accessory I have had the pleasure to wear. I've been very impressed by the Knotlace!

This is one accessory which will literally go with anything and everything because if your outfit doesn't require a necklace you can wear the Knotlace as a bracelet or headpiece. I would go as far as to call this fashion accessory and investment piece!

If you are more a gold wearer, there is a Knotlace for you too. In fact, there are many different colours of the Knotlace you can choose from. (I'm loving the multi coloured version). There is a new adaptation to the Knotlace which is the Miss Knotlace; these are slightly thinner. Not to be forgotten are the ears, there are also Knotlace earring so you can complete the look.


Just when you think it couldn't get any better – $1 is being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every Knotlace sold!

Knotlace can be found on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

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