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Magnetic Moves

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Magnetic Moves offers fun, simple to use visual activity and routine charts for the pre-school and school aged child.

Smart and savvy sisters Joanne and Robyn started Magnetic Moves in 2009 after both were creating charts to help their children and their families organise their days. “One chart to help our kids move through the busiest times of day and another to help the little ones at home who wanted to know what they could expect throughout their day”. And so started their great business, Magnetic Moves.
We at Aussie Product Review, were given the “My Busy School Week” chart to review and honestly we don’t know how we got by without it! Our reviewer is absolutely hooked claiming it’s made life “so much less stressful”!
Once you know how the chart works the children take charge of their own responsibilities and they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment every day. This makes their lives less stressful too and the flow on effect from that is very calming indeed!
The chart is divided into three sections, weekly, daily and rewards. The weekly section is for regular activities such as swimming, library etc. The daily routine section can include teeth brushing, breakfast etc and finally the rewards section where stars are awarded for tasks completed. We rewarded even further, when five stars were given then the children got to pick which movie they would like to go and see.
As you can see we were very impressed with how this chart influenced the behaviour of the children but also the quality of the chart itself was also very impressive. It held well to the fridge and with the children using it daily it stood up to the constant manipulating very well. We did have to add a little bag for the magnets but that was just more fun for the kids.

The ideal chart for school children 5-12yrs

Designed for the school age child to give them a pictorial view of what is happening in their school week from day to day. Events such as music lessons, library day, tuckshop, swimming and others can be noted in the weekly section at the top of the chart.

Routines for getting ready for school or getting ready for bed can be checked off at the bottom of the chart.

Reward stars offer parents a way to acknowledge achievements and positive behaviour throughout the day or week.

Each chart includes:

  • A4 Magnetic base chart 297mm x 210mm
  • 50 (25mm x 25mm) magnetic colour coded activity tiles
  • Includes 5 star reward tiles
  • Detailed information and ‘how to use’ guide
You can buy them online for $33.00 + P&H here: Magnetic Moves

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