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MummaBubba Teething Jewellery

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All my jewellery wearing stopped once I had my son but now I see
it didn’t have to be that way!

With an extensive range of gorgeous teething jewellery MummaBubba Jewellery will have Mums’ looking fabulously fashionable and their bubs quietly happy. The fact is, the range of MummaBubba Jewellery are not just jewellery pieces for Mum’s but actually are completely safe and practical for your baby to handle, chew and suck on. They are non-toxic and made from hospital grade silicone that is free from BPA, PVC, cadmium and lead, all this makes them worry-free too.

We received two different styles of the jewellery, one being a Tulip Necklace in colour white ice and the other a pink Twisted Bangle from the lux range. My first impression of this jewellery was one of surprise, honestly I expected them to look obviously like plastic jewellery. This they are not! They are quality, fashionable jewellery pieces and nobody would ever guess they are soft, flexible ‘teething jewellery’.

‘I received the pink bangle to review and it was great! I loved the iridescent pearl look as it caught the light and shimmered beautifully. As it is a rubbery bangle I was worried it would pull at the hairs on my arms but it didn’t at all. It was a comfortable to wear and best of all my little one loved it. It kept her busy in the high chair while I had a coffee and for me I found it to be a hassle -free ‘toy’ to carry around. Plus, you can use the bangle as a reminder of which side you’ve just nursed you baby on which I found very handy when I was out and about.

I think I received more comments on this piece of jewellery than I ever have with any gold jewellery I have worn! :-)’

Much like the bangle, the necklace was a great piece of teething jewellery but we found a few more positive aspects to the necklace design.

‘The design of the necklace is great. I thought it was a good length which was suitable for a mother who is forever bending over to tend to their baby and that it has a breakaway clasp so snagging cannot occur. I also found it to be a great sensory tool to help my bub focus while nursing; both visual and tactile stimulation for him. It is a great fashion accessory for me and isn’t something that will fall or be dropped on the ground by him. This was an absolute win-win for both of us and there is absolutely no reason why this necklace cannot be worn long after bub has finished teething!’

Please keep in mind these necklaces are designed for Mum to wear and baby to chew on while being supervised!

Both these particular designs we reviewed were easily cleaned with warm soapy water or can be put in the dishwasher. They also come beautifully packaged and to me seem like a great gift for both mother and baby. MummaBubba Jewellery has now given us mothers plenty of reasons to accessories which will also keep baby happily occupied!

Thank you MummaBubba Jewellery!

You can find MummaBubba Jewellery on Facebook.

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