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Name Your Dummy

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Name Your Dummy have a diverse range of baby and toddler products, most of which you can personalise with your child's' name. There are lunch boxes, dummy clips, bibs, bottles and baby dummy's. This week we have been lucky enough to review personalised dummy's for Emily and Madeliene.

'As a reviewer of this product I was lucky enough to be able select the style of dummy I wanted for Emily. Name Your Dummy has a great assortment of designs with different teat styles and sizes to choose from and with some styles you can also select your colour/s you would like the dummy to be. Although all these choices may sound a little overwhelming, this was not the case. The website is beautifully set out and was a pleasure to peruse through.

The product itself was just as pleasing. I received two personalised dummy's  and a sterilising box which was the best thing ever; a lifesaver at times! :-) Something that I did think was great was that the products came with clear, easy and quick to read instructions. They clearly told we how to best maintain the dummy and safety ….. too. The quality of the dummy's is superb. I have had no trouble with them and the have been sterilised everyday. I'm happy to say, 'Emily' is still in tacked on the dummy too. The sterilising box has been a brilliant accessory also. It is the perfect tool to have in the baby bag at all times to be ready to disinfect the dummy.'

Our second reviewer had this to say;

'I thought it was super cute to have Madeliene's name on her dummy. She was very happy with the design I had picked out and it has since turned into her favourite dummy. Many people have commented on this personalised dummy too, saying it is such a lovely idea and I totally agree. The quality of the dummy is excellent and the sterilising box is a must purchase item. It is so quick and easy to use, it was great to have when visiting friends because it is no trouble to sterilise the dummy within seconds.

I love this Name Your Dummy product so much I have no doubt I will be getting more personalised products for Madeleine in the near future.'

It goes without saying that Name Your Dummy complies with Australian Safety Standards. They only sell the best quality dummies made in Australia or Europe and all their dummies are BPA-free. The name of the child will be permanently marked on the dummy, and no matter how much you sterilise the dummy it will not wear off. (This has been backed up by our reviewers too!)

Name Your Dummy has heaps of products to choose from which you can personalise; perfect for taking to daycare, school or just to a friends house.

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