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G’day to you our esteemed followers. This week we have the privilege to review a very distinct Australian clothing from the stables of NVSBL. We received the invisible undershirt for men for review and personally I must say I really liked it. The mind behind this undershirt leaves me in awe of absolute ingenuity. The moderately elastic, long brown and breathable shirt fits perfectly well on me. The shirt has a deep wide V-neck which makes it almost impossible to be seen around the neck and collar region. What made this undershirt unique is its: Invisibility, and its unique material features


It has a deep wide V-neck – your undershirt cannot be seen, even when you have two top buttons undone.

It Includes slightly shorter sleeves – they remain hidden under short-sleeve shirts.

They are beige – by minimising the contrast between your skin tone (even darker skin tones) and the undershirt, it’s as if you’re not wearing an undershirt at all.

IMG_6476-EditNVSBL Hero Image










The undershirts are made from 94% Modal; An extremely smooth, soft and cool to touch fabric in the superior range to cotton. They absorb sweat and are more resistance to shrinkage, greying and pilling. Also including A 6% Spandex in its make up; Spandex helps in the elasticity of the material, which aids to make it remain fitted to diverse body contours.

IMG_5875-Edit copyIMG_5950-Edit

APR gives this product of Australia a 5-star rating!!!


Check them out at and you will be happy you did.



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