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The personal planner website is an easy step by step approach to creating your very own personal planner or notebook. With so many customisation options available you would never have to worry about creating 2 of the same planner or notebook! The personal planner is a great idea for all those important meetings, dates or deadlines, starting school, uni or work, gift idea and for yourself. Truly this planner and notebook is something everyone needs and with many great personalisation options you will want to create more than one! Our reviewer went through the process of making a personalised planner:

"Wow, I loved this website! Firstly, I suggest you make some time for this process, not because it takes a long time to make your notebook or planner but because you will want to spend so much time on to make it just how you want it and with so many great options you can spend loads of time playing around to get it just right, and of course this is all the fun!

 I found the website home page very user friendly, this made me think it would be great for all ages. School aged children with parents supervision would have a blast on choosing a personalised notebook or planner for school every year!


I decided to make a personalised planner. Firstly, expense is determined on the size of your planner or notebook which I thought was a great way to start, no unexpected expenses being added on the way, there were 4 sizes to chose from.

The next step was to pick a front cover,  this all comes down to personality and personal preference, there were so many great pictures and ideas to choose from that I was already thinking about what my next planner was going to look like. I really liked the idea of being able to choose the month I wanted to start my planner on and because it isn't January I was able to pick my yearly planner to start the first  month of May. Fantastic! This to me shows attention detail and have really thought about everything anyone could really want in a yearly planner.

TPlanner2 TPlanner

The inlay design is where we get to the bottom of what we want to get out of the planner. These are sections for people who work, are training, need space to write daily ideas or plans. Each day has a column to be able to write necessities which can be suited to you with lines, some lines or without lines.  There were several colour options available and a personal design also available at the top of the planner to make it even more personal.

While going through the steps my planner was being designed right before my eyes so I knew exactly what it was going to look like at every stage of the process and could tailor to my needs and wants. The modules section gave me great ideas on what else I might need in my planner, I picked a 'to do' list and and 2 other customisations, but there were over 10 ideas on what I could choose from.

Coming to the end of my personal planner I could chose a few more options for my back pages and a personalised message so if I ever lost my planner it can be returned safely to me with the personal details I chose to put in.

Right at the end when I finished my order, personal planner showed me again what I had designed and I had the option to go back and read it if I wanted to and then pay. The payment page was very simple to understand and worked perfectly. Thank you personal planner for a great experience!

The personal planner came in the mail about 3 weeks later and with a few assembly requirements, which were sent to me via email on how to assemble, I was on my way to using my planner!"

You can find here and on Facebook and we highly recommend you take a look because it is a fantastic idea for gifts. You can purchase gift vouchers and let others create their own planner!

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