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Plantae Organic Skincare

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New Zealanders, Carol Priest and her daughters Janelle, Jacinta and Fiona have created a lovely organic skincare range called Plantae, which is now available in Australia through

Today we’re reviewing their Rosehip Fruit Omega Rich Night Cream, Pacific Blue Lavender Rich Cream Cleanser and Rose Essential Water.

Plantae’s entire skincare range has been ‘certified organic’ by BioGro, New Zealand’s premium, leading organic certifying authority and guarantees they have met their rigorous Health and Body care Standards.

The Rosehip Fruit Omega Rich Night Cream is full of all the ingredients you need in a night cream to rejuvenate cells while you sleep. Carol calls it a “natural skin vitamin cream” that feeds the skin utilising a large percentage of New Zealand-sourced nutritive organic essential fatty acid seed oils, such as certified organic beeswax from the Central South Island, borage and evening primrose seed oils.


It certainly felt nice on the skin immediately giving a soothing feeling. The light, natural scent was also soothing! The cream soaked into my skin right away and left no greasy residue, just a well moisturised skin. I’ve been using it every night for three weeks and my skin has improved, the pores are less open and my skin is definitely softer to the touch.

The Hydrate pacific blue lavender rich cream cleanser with blackcurrant leaf and pine bark extract, Auvergne Pine Bark from the Pinaceæ Pine and Blackcurrant Leaf Extract have exceptional circulatory and anti-ageing properties that promote smooth, healthy skin.


The Pacific Blue Lavender Rich Cream Cleanser was good for my dry skin, especially with the winds we have been experiencing where I live, they are dry and dry my skin out every day. The cleanser removed my daily makeup effortlessly and my skin was left soft after cleansing, not tight or greasy. It rinsed off easily and was perfect to use before the night cream every night.

The Hydrate Rose Essential Water with Blackcurrant Leaf and Pine Bark Extract includes pure organic Bulgarian Rose Otto oil and pure steam-distilled Rose Water from Rose Damascena petals. The soothing and regenerative effects are as exquisite as the fragrance.


As for the Rose Essential Water – I loved it! When I wasn’t wearing any makeup I used this spray throughout the day to keep my skin well hydrated and it did the job beautifully. It smelly fresh and felt great on my skin and kept any dryness away. Using all three products I managed to keep my skin moisturised and hydrated 24/7 and that was fantastic! I really loved theses products.

You can try the Plantae range yourself by visiting and buying online.

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