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When the ProPlenish marine collagen arrived at Aussie Product Review I was a little excited. I love to try new beauty products and had heard about the effects of marine collagen before, so I new what to expect in results.

ProPlenish has developed a product that replicates the collagen found in our bodies. Collagen is naturally produced in abundance in our youth but as we age our bodies don’t produce near enough anymore to keep our hair, nails and skin healthy. Production slows in our mid-twenties, decreases further in our thirties and by our fifties and sixties, it's almost vanished.

As a result hair, skin and nails become brittle, fragile and even dull-looking. I’m 49 and that is exactly what is happening to me so I reviewed the ProPlenish myself.proplenishpic

The marine collagen comes in premeasured sachets that are easy to use and as you can see in the video below dissolve completely within 2 minutes of putting it into water or juice. You can add it to your cereal if you like! It’s tasteless, odorless, contains no fat, sugar, carbohydrates, wheat, soy or gluten. Collagen is the most important building block for the hair, skin and nails.

I took one sachet of ProPlenish every morning (though you can take 3 if you like)  for thirty days and I did notice a difference, firstly in my nails. Prior to taking the ProPlenish my nails were always splitting at the sides and were generally very weak. The difference is now my nails are much stronger and thicker – a really noticeable difference in a short amount of time I thought.
It’s hard to say what a difference it has made to my skin, I do think it doesn’t feel as dry and it looks like it’s starting to ‘plump’ up a bit more, with lines less noticeable. I’d have to continue using the ProPlenish to make an absolute distinction as I realise it takes time to improve skin.
My hair has definitely improved over the last four weeks. It’s shiny and I have noticed I’m not losing as much of it in the shower as I was pre ProPlenish. I’m convinced if I keep using it the benefits will only improve for me.

The sachets come in a box of 30 and cost $49.95 – You can buy them online here

You can find out more about ProPlenish on their Facebook Page:

and also on their website:

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