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Rival Golfer Clothing

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Well, this is quite exciting because this business only launched it’s website on the 27th of May.
So not even three weeks ago!

We had better tell you who we are talking about – it’s the edgy golf clothing brand; Rival Golfer.

Within their current stock there is a red toddlers cap, a blue teens cap and of course a variety of adult caps, along with a polo and golfing accessories.

So what did we think of Rival Golfer; “very cool”.

For review we received a children’s hat, (pictured below), men’s navy polo shirt and a mesh cap – quite a pack really!


I thought their logo was quite good. I could see right away what angle or niche they were targeting with that logo design. Not only that, but I liked the fact they are aiming to make their logo, ‘Frank’ a positive influence because as it turns our Frank is an acronym.


Although, our little one is not a golfer, he loved the hat all the same. It fit him well and the quality was good. I liked that the care tag was completely glued into the hat and would not flop down to be seen.

The men’s ‘trucker’ cap which is actually called a Hallmark Mesh Cap was really cool. My husband really liked it. He does play golf but only sporadically and he said he would wear it both on and off the golf course which is what this brand is wanting it’s products to be.

The Rival Golfer polo was impressive too. Both my husband and I liked the design of the polo and my husband found it to be a very good fit and comfortable to wear while playing golf.


Ultimately we were very impressed with what Rival Golfer had to offer us for this review. I think anyone who plays golf would be interested in finding our more about this brand as it does have a much edgier look to anything I have seen in this sport apparel before.

We feel privileged here at Aussie Product Review to have been given the chance to help this new, edgy, Australian golf clothing brand Rival Golfer but now it is up to our social media followers to get on-board and share this new business with others who may be interested in golf clothing and accessories, because not only will they discover a new brand but they may want to enter our competition….

Up for grabs is a men’s Navy Polo shirt (select your size), a hat and a ball marker. This set is going to be perfect for any keen golfers.

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*Please note – Rival Golfer sizes are from Small to Extra Large so please be aware of this before entering the competition.

Also, and I think this is a first for Aussie Product Review, but Rival Golfer will be releasing a new colour in their Hallmark Mesh Cap to coincide with their product review.
The new colour is RED!


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