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Rubifresh Skincare

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We’re very excited this week to review a lovely Australian business, Rubifresh Skincare. We were very impressed by their Anti-aging Moisturiser and the results we were having after using it for only a week!

Antiaging_Face_Cream_w_shadowThe Rubifresh vision was born out of a desire to refocus the idea of beauty to the way nature intended…from ‘plastic perfection’ to a radiant youthfulness that comes from taking good care of our skin and our bodies, and enjoying ourselves for who we are.

Rubifresh products are not only free from nasty synthetic ingredients, they are full of natural, high performance active ingredients that won’t harm your skin, and will help to minimise the signs of agingnaturally.

Rubifresh beauty products contain only natural ingredients and are 100% toxin and chemical free, so you can be sure that their products are safe and suitable for people with sensitive skin and also if you are pregnant; in fact the entire Rubifresh product range is suitable for everyone! They even have a a wonderful choice of products for the man in your life!

For our review we received the Rubifresh Anti-aging Moisturiser.

The first thing I liked was the simple, fresh packaging; it’s beautiful, although it is simple, it’s stylish and I think it reflects the naturalness and simplicity of the Rubifresh products.

I used this product before I went to bed as that was the easiest time for me. My face was so smooth in the morning, I could feel that it had lifted the dead skin cells away and given my skin a thorough moisturise without it being irritated in any way. The smell was lovely, very refreshing. I felt that over night the cream really soaked in and helped hydrate my skin and left it look radiant in the morning. The cream was not greasy at all!


Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it can absorb up to 60% of what we apply on it therefore it is important for us to know what ingredients have been used in our skincare products.

I used the moisturiser in the mornings over the weekend. The Anti-aging Moisturiser was very light on my skin, not clogging my pores or making my skin sweat or get oily during the day. The citrus scent was really nice. I really noticed a positive change in the feel and look of my skin after using this product for less than a week. A little bit goes a long way too so I think this product will last for quite a while making it great value for money.


Both of our reviewers just loved the Rubifresh Skincare products. If you are after healthier skin, we really think you should try the Rubifresh skincare range. It’s natural, fresh and well priced. What more could you want in a skincare product?

Rubifresh Skincare are on Facebook.

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