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Sarah, the founder of Saponify had been suffering from dry skin and extreme eczema for years and after realizing her skin only responded well to natural products she developed her range of beautiful soaps.

We have been lucky enough to review a range of Saponify’s beautiful products; bath salts, soaps and baby bath tea bags.

The first thing we noticed about these products was the lovely aroma the minute we opened the package. We tried three different scented soaps, all of which were beautiful! (My personal favourite was the vanilla bean.) These soaps created a fluffy lather and left your skin moisturised and as soft as satin.

Saponify’s bath salts were just as impressive. The salt softened the bath water and the essential oils scent filled the room to create a relaxing atmosphere and even more luxurious was the slight shimmer of the water due to the pearlescent glitter, just beautiful. I felt like I was unwinding at a day spa! The bag of bath salts contains enough for five baths, so I have another four relaxing evenings to come.

Baby bath tea bags are something I had never heard of before so I was looking forward to reviewing this item.  The tea bag has been filled with a combination of dried flowers, once steeped in the bath water for five minutes it creates a relaxing and therapeutic bath for the bub. My little one loved it and he was asleep within five minutes of getting out, so these tea bags are just as therapeutic for mum and dad too!

We were extremely impressed with Saponify’s products. They all were divine and left us feeling exquisite. Saponify has a great online store that carries a range of products which are all lovingly handmade. It’s a great place to purchase gifts or something to indulge yourself.

Find these beautiful products at

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