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This week we have a timely review from the lovely Lisa at The weather is warming up and so the kids are outside more playing in the sun – that’s when these UV indicators that come in stickers and wristbands will come in handy!

But they’re not only for kids, adults can use Sundicators too and if you’re active outside then you might like to give them a try. Sundicators minimise your risk of skin cancer, melanoma and other sun related skin conditions. They are so simple to use, are safe, fit every body size and can be used by all ages and all skin tones. You simply apply your sunscreen with SPF 15+ to yourself as normal but you also apply it to the wristband or sticker. Sundicators will change colour when it’s time to reapply.

My partner and I spent the weekend camping on the Noosa Northshore so it was the perfect opportunity to test out the sundicators I’d been given to review. I had the sticker version and my partner tested the wristband. Usually I’d probably just apply one or two applications of sunscreen while venturing out for most of the day and my partner wouldn’t bother with any. We applied the sundicators when we arrived at the beach and both applied sunscreen as in the instructions.

sundicators Collage

They really are a great product because the sticker alerted me by fading that it was time to apply more sunscreen – if I wasn’t wearing the sundicator I wouldn’t have reapplied sunscreen until much later so it saved my skin a lot of trauma! It faded after about 40 minutes as did my partners wristband and it surprised us both how quickly the time went and how quickly we could be damaging our skin if we didn’t reapply the sunscreen, so these sundicators were truly valuable.

Sundicators UV wristbands and stickers allow children and adults to not only be sun aware, but they also serve as an important reminder to reapply sunscreen. Simply apply SPF 30 or greater to your skin and the wristband or sticker and the band or sticker will lighten significally when the sunscreen loses its effectiveness and it’s time to reapply. So easy to be safe!

Sundicators can be purchased online here and cost $19.98 for a pack of 10, $34.99 for a pack of 20 and $52.49 for a pack of 30.

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