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Sunhill Skin Essentials

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This week we introduce to you Sunhill Skin Essentials, from which of whom we received three luxurious face creams for three of our reviewers to trial. A unique aspect to these great products is that Sunhill Skin Essentials run their own hobby goat farm, Sunhill Dairy Goat Stud, which gives them fresh goats’ milk daily for their amazing products. They acquire plenty of milk for their family and the business by hand milking 4 goats twice a day.

Did you know goat milk is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals? And compared to cow’s milk, goat milk is an easier milk to digest in our bodies. It also provides many benefits to a healthy diet and as a goat milk moisturiser, it aids in retaining a natural skin balance and providing a healthy glow. Great for our bodies, inside and out!



Here is what our reviewers had to say…

I had never used a product made with goats’ milk before and I was very impressed. The Hrydrating Day and Night cream was so creamy and soft; it glided on my skin beautifully, soaked in not leaving an oily layer and left my skin so soft. It is an absolutely lovely face cream. The subtle hint of Lavender was just beautiful too. ’

I found the face cream to be very light on my skin and it soaked into my face leaving it feeling smooth and soft. I also found after just a week of using this product everyday my skin was much softer than before using the Sunhill face cream. I would say that this is because all the healthy vitamins and minerals have just left my skin in much better condition. I thought this product was a great benefit to my skin.’

We gave an unscented cream to our male reviewer….

I’m a gent in my early 50’s who works outdoors all week and then likes to surf on the weekends, so with all these outdoor activities and being hit with sun and salt on the weekends my skin can get very dry. I can say this product made a dramatic difference in my skin by rehydrating it and making it feel much smoother. My skin felt completely rejuvenated, even at the end of the working day, my skin was not dry after being out in the elements for most of the day. Then after being in the ocean I would usually apply two applications of moisturiser to my face because it tends to soak in and feel tight and dry again, but with this face cream one application kept my face hydrated for the rest of the afternoon. That was very impressive!’

There are also great benefits for people with sensitive skin. The Sunhill Skin Essentials unscented skincare range is suitable for people who suffer skin allergies such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or even dry skin. Sunhill Skin Essentials goat milk creams and lotions are handmade so you will be getting a true quality product that has at least 60% of fresh goat milk contained within. All this makes these products gentle enough for the whole family.

You can find Sunhill Skin Essentials on Facebook, where you can look out for specials and extra info on their beautiful products.

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