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Tanked Drinkwear

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You can’t beat a great Aussie invention and this one is the ultimate! Sticking with the male’s instinct to open a cold beverage :)

Well, this was a great review for our two male reviewers. What’s better than reviewing a shirt and having to drink beer! We are still talking about Tanked Drinkwear here at Aussie Product Review and thought it was time to promote them a little more!


Tanked Drinkwear have designed a range of shirts at $39.95 (for both men and women), hats at $29.95 and shorts at $69.95, all with a built-in bottle opener. The shorts are a real stand out as they not only have the built-in bottle opener but also come with a detachable Velcro tear-off stubbie cooler cleverly and conveniently camouflaged as a pocket. Now there is no reason to ever have another warm beer!



Our male reviewers got to review the Tanked shirts which have a built-in twist top bottle opener at a series of purpose held BBQ’s (All in the name of business of course!) They found the bottle opener was perfectly position on the bottom left of the shirt. This meant they didn’t have to change their natural movement to grab their shirt and open a beer. The bottle opener is sewn into the shirt, has double stitching and is embroided around the edge making the bottle opener very durable for easy removal of bottle tops. The shirt itself is made from beautifully soft 100% cotton and of good quality. Our reviewers were extremely happy with Tanked Drinkwear’s product and claimed they will be wearing these shirts for many more days to come.

If you don’t know what to get your husband/boyfriend for their birthday, Fathers Day or Christmas, Tanked Drinkwear would be a great choice. Their men’s shirts come in a range of colours and the women’s come in black and red. Both the shorts and hat designs come in two different colours respectively. A great Aussie invention for our great Aussie culture.

You can order online at or buy at one of their stockists.
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