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Tiny Touch Jewellery – Inkless Print Kit

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As many of our followers would know, Rashelle from Aussie Product Review had an adorable baby boy 5 weeks ago and thanks to Tiny Touch Jewellery both Rashelle and bub got to review the Inkless Print Kit which ultimately is a great keepsake for Rashelle and her family and also a show and tell piece for when her son, Callum, is much older.

Something just about everyone said when they first saw our new baby boy was, ‘You forget how small they really are don’t you’, and I have to agree. Their tiny little fingers and their cute little feet with mini toes, over time you just forget how small a newborn baby is.

Well, I had my Inkless Print Kit in my hospital bag ready to print these little hands and feet. It was very easy to use consisting of only the card to print on, four pages in total and the wipes. I had my husband hold our son so when I wiped his little feet with the non-toxic, ink free identifier wipes we could place them onto the card in a direct down position as so not to create any smudges and I have to say it worked extremely well. The print came out so well that you can clearly see the creases from our son’s feet. Our handprint print didn’t turn out as well because our son went to make a fist as we were stamping and he smudged the print. It was as easy wiping his feet with the wipe, pressing his feet down on the card and holding for 3 seconds and that’s it. You now have a perfect little footprint. Besides being very easy to use, this product didn’t create any mess and the wipe didn’t have any smell which I was happy about. It was a wonderful product to use, which I will be very thankful for, for many years!


Once you have your special keepsake that you can reflect on for many years to come, Tiny Touch Jewellery can take that special piece one step further. Using the prints that you have created with the Inkless Print Kit you can scan or post them to Tiny Touch Jewellery to have them turned into silver jewellery or other keepsakes such as keyrings, bookmarks and cufflinks just to name a few items. All prints are named and stored for five years so you can create items for family later down the line for example.

We are just loving this very special product from Tiny Touch Jewellery so if you know a mother-to-be or an animal lover, (yes, believe it or not you can use this product on your pets too), this would be a very lovely gift for them. Then they have the choice to create a tangible keepsake with that print.

Currently you can purchase this Inkless Print Kit along with other products
from the
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We have two of these special Tiny Touch Jewellery Inkless Print Kits to GIVEAWAY!
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We would suggest you take your Tiny Touch Inkless Print Kit to the hospital so you can print baby’s hands and feet within days of being born to really capture the moment in time.


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