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Tripsafe Cable Cover

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Tripsafe Cable Management System

Tripsafe is ideal to be used for either your business or home life. It currently comes in colours yellow or grey and there is also a hard floor option as well. For this product review we received the Tripsafe Cable Cover for carpet in yellow. We first used this product at home and then took it to a place of work and gave it a trial their….

So, we are currently on school holidays and my husband has set up a game console and consequently we have loose cords in a high traffic area. (We now had cords lying across our main doorway from the kitchen into the living room.) With a two and five year old running around the house I knew the perfect product was Tripsafe to ensure nobody tripped over the extra cords and therefore not damaging the console or themselves in anyway.

This product is so easy to use. I grouped the cords together, placed the Tripsafe Cable Cover down over the cords and pushed down so it snagged a good grip to the carpet. As easy as that I had eliminated a very dangerous tripping hazard.


For the week this product was on our floor not one person, including guests, tripped or stumbled and my children were more aware that they needed to be a little bit more careful than usual. I found the Tripsafe Cable Cover to be a very useful item, it worked very well for its intended purpose and did not lift along the edges. I was very impressed. The Tripsafe Cable Cover comes in grey also, but I personally thought the bright yellow was ideal because it stands out on the carpet added another safety feature to the product.

image2 (1)

Tripsafe Cable Cover in use; right up until the cords are under a table.

After a week at home, the Tripsafe Cable Cover is now moved on to a business address. In saying that, I would like it to be known that when I lifted the Tripsafe it didn’t lift or damage my carpet, it was simple to fold up and really light in weight. This could be something you move around regularly should it be required and would store well when not needed.

Under one of the work desks would be a prime spot for this product but we have chosen to run the Tripsafe Cable Cover along the wall in the conference room to secure the cord running to the television. WHS is a big concern in businesses now days and I think this product should be on-hand at all businesses to ensure any dangerous cords and safely secured. Simple and easy to use, it makes for the ideal way to cover cords safely and securely. Once we had the Tripsafe Cable Cover in place there was no chance of it shifting around because the product has such a great grip.

This product would also be ideal for us to use at trade shows, providing we are on carpet but I think we should invest in the hard floor version too. It really is a quality product and I would highly recommend it to businesses.

No more sticking down cords with duct tape, buy a Tripsafe Cable Cover to make cord safety a hassle-free priority!

Hard Floor Option.

Hard Floor Option.

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