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Uncontaminated Oats

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This week we’re reviewing uncontaminated oats from GK Gluten Free Foods. It’s no secret that many people are developing allergies to gluten and are feeling the need to eliminate it from their diet to improve their energy, health and way of life. Many children respond well to a gluten free diet and it’s even getting positive results for those with autism. GK Gluten Free‘s uncontaminated oats are wheat free, nut free, egg free, dairy free, preservative free, yeast free and vegetarian.


All too often people are surprised to hear from their medical practitioner that the foods they are eating could be contributing to their symptoms of unwellness. People who once considered themselves normal and indeed healthy, are being diagnosed with illnesses that are due in large part to the pressures of modern day living. Like many illnesses or diseases (Coeliacs Disease being some of the most severe), can happen at any stage in life requiring in some cases a complete change in how you have to manage your diet. The move to a wheat free diet seems to be happening more often as our populations’ worldwide age. Many report a significant change in their way of life after making modest adjustments to their eating regimen.


And it’s not just the aging population but children are showing marked reactions to gluten also, that’s why we let our junior reviewers also test the oats for us! They loved these oats and gave them the ‘thumbs up’. That’s a good sign, because if you’re changing your child’s diet it’s imperative that they enjoy the healthy food they’re given to eat. These oats from GK Gluten Free passed the test and our reviewer didn’t complain, in fact he said the were “super yummy”.


Our older reviewer, who is gluten sensitive, commented on how creamy the oats were and that he couldn’t distinguish a marked difference in taste from his regular oats. The main difference he did notice however that he wasn’t bloated or had a ‘heavy’ feeling in his stomach after eating the uncontaminated oats. That’s a great result – a healthy gluten free food that tastes just like the ‘real thing’!

You can test these oats out for yourself, you don’t have to have an allergy to gluten either, they are healthy oats that everybody can enjoy safely. Try some now at
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  1. Quality – a beautiful rolled oat – softy, creamy and quick to cook
  2. Uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley
  3. Affordability – bulk buys, buy as little or as much as you like
  4. Convenience – A simple and easy way to buy.  Products are displayed and come with a detailed explanation of their contents.
  5. Speedy delivery using only the most tried and tested.

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