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Vicki’s Bickies

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Vicki’s Bickies Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne & specializes in decorative gingerbread designs. Vicki Davis and her creative team produce gorgeous and exciting ranges of gingerbread for all occasions. Their gingerbread is 100% handmade using only the finest quality ingredients. 

  • The gingerbread designs change every 6-8 weeks and include a different Easter and Christmas range every year.
  • Vicki’s Bickies distribute to approx 300 retail clients in Australia, NZ and Singapore.
  • They also customize designs for individuals, the corporate, catering & events market.

Located at 152 Hawthorn Rd in North Caulfield, Vicki’s Bickies is a commercial kitchen on view to the public. They would love you to visit and be tempted by the smell of fresh baking gingerbread. You can purchase from them directly or they can direct you to the stockist closest to your area.

The beautifully bright coloured gingerbread bickies are so well presented; it’s almost a shame to eat them. The icing looks amazing, the colours are bright and eye catching on the gingerbread and instantly makes the bickies interesting.
You can see much care has been taken in these gingerbread bickies as they are all perfectly designed. 

As I bite into my generously portioned gingerbread sheep, by the name of ‘Abigail’, I am delighted at how the gingerbread tastes! The gingerbread is soft, thick and so tasty, it is an absolute delight to eat.
There is a perfect balance of sugar and spice, not one flavour is overpowering or intrusive.

Vicki’s Bickies have developed the perfect gingerbread, along with their clever decorative designs that leave you wanting more.

Their winter range is all about farm animals, with a fun selection to choose from.

These gingerbreads would be perfect for you next children’s party, themed party or any fun event. Vicki’s Bickies doesn’t stop there, you can order custom designs which is great for businesses. There are also gingerbread designs for special occasions, which include weddings, birthdays, Valentines day and many more.

These gingerbreads were an absolute treat and tasted divine. A perfect score from all reviewers! We all loved Vicki’s Bickies!

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